Tax Preparation Documentation

Dear Client:

It is time to gather your tax information for 2015 and forward it to me as soon as possible, since we are quickly approaching the April 15 deadline for filing your taxes.

I would appreciate your cooperation by having your tax information in my office by March 20th, so that I have ample time to review your tax data and prepare your returns in a timely manor. To assist you in this process, I have compiled the following list that includes most of the information that is needed to do your tax return (some items may not be applicable to your situation):


1. W2's

2. 1099R's

3. Social Security Forms

4. 1099G State Refunds

5. 1099-INT (for all bank accounts, etc.)

6. 1099-DIV (for all stocks)

7. Brokerage Statements

8. 1099B - Stock Sales (need dates of purchase and cost information for all sales)

9. K-1's (include all - contact partnerships, etc., if you haven't received them as yet)

10.Rental Information- (need income and all expenses for rental property that you own)

11.Schedule C Information- (need income and all expenses for business)


1. Itemized Deductions

2. Medical expenses (list totals for insurance, doctors, dentists, drugs etc.

3. Mortgage Information -1099's, purchase or refinance closing statement and any annual recaps the lenders provide

4. Taxes - real estate taxes for any property owned by property

5. Contributions-Need totals for all major charitable donations and receipts for any non-cash items

6. Other Deductions- These include any non-reimbursed business expenses, investment expenses, etc.


Click here to download our TAX QUESTIONAIRE 2015 which should be answered to help us determine for applicability of other items. Your prompt attention is greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Robert A. Gindes. CPA